Lean 6 Sigma

We have begun to apply the Lean 6 Sigma methodology in the family of Borusan companies in May 2002 in order to achieve our goal "to be one step ahead in everything we do" ...


Lean 6 Sigma methodology is used to improve manufacturing processes by eliminating defects. The general principles were developed at Motorola by using quality control methods in 1986. 6 Sigma was originally applied by Motorola, Honeywell and General Electric. Most of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 have applied that system by the end of the 1990s. 6 Sigma methodology began to spread around the world thanks to the work of Jack Welch in General Electric. Lean manufacturing technique has been originated at Toyota and aimed to prevent costs and focus on the services provided to consumers.


Lean 6 Sigma in Borusan Makina Kazakhstan
Borusan Makina Kazakhstan had launched into Lean 6 Sigma in September 2005. It is very important for our company that every employee understand the Lean 6 Sigma methodology principles, can use the data for decision-making, could identify opportunities and risks, analyze and constantly improve themselves.


Training of company employees
A significant stage of development is to conduct regular trainings, so-called Green Belt Expert, where employees learn the basic principles of using the methodology and become involved in various projects.

One of the projects carried out byGreen Belt Experts "CRC on WEB" became successful not only by achieving the outstanding results, but by public recognition. On May 26, 2012 this project has won the annual competition’s highest award in the «Excellence in Innovation» nomination by American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan.


Lean 6 Sigma methodology is our way to success, as the force and uniqueness of the methodology is in our teamwork and in our involvement into decision- making process " Arial?,?sans-serif?;font-size:10pt?="">based on accurate data!