Component Rebuild Center (CRC)

Caterpillar machines are designed so that components can be rebuilt several times  over the life of the  machine - allowing customers to benefit from maximum performance and reliability throughout the life of their equipment. 

Borusan Makina Kazakhstan Component Rebuild Center (CRC) helps Caterpillar customers achieve optimum component life and reliability through world-class rebuild practices

Equipped to rebuild and test all major components of the largest equipment Caterpillar produces today, CRC meets the same safety, quality and contamination standards as a Caterpillar factory.

Completed in 2011 our CRC achieved the Caterpillar 5 Star Contamination Control award, Caterpillars highest standard for contamination control. By maintaining ultra clean service areas in conjunction with experienced, Caterpillar trained technicians and genuine Cat parts we can deliver a like-new pr better than rebuild for your machine and components

The certificate BS OHSAS 18001 says that CRC meets all international safety and healthy management system.

The CRC features 4500 HP engine test dynos,twenty-eight  rebuild bays, tear-down and wash facilities, failure analysis, fuel and rod test areas and a state-of-the-art paint booth. Every component is thoroughly cleaned, disassembled and washed prior to entering the service area. Assigned service technician groups  follow each component from tear down to final test, reducing errors and lowering repair times. Technicians have  on-line parts defecting capabilities in each service bay and parts are delivered directly to each bay allowing service technicians to spend their completing repairs and less time tracking parts.

BMK CRC is equipped for general machining as well as outfitted with specific tools to rebuild and test engines (including blocks, cranks, heads and cylinder packs), power trains, torque converters, transmissions, differentials, wheel stations and more.

CRC Customer Service Desk : +7(7212) 48 26 26